Extreme stress has to be met by top performance.

Linotop System is the sports floor system to cope with such stresses. From indoor football to indoor hockey, Armstrong DLW’s Linotop meets all such requirements in the areas of both performance and safety.

The great advantage of this flooring system is that it benefits from the outstanding material properties of DLW Sports linoleum by combining it with the robust properties of an appropriate substructure. This sub base consists of a special elastic layer with two steel plates on top which serves as load distribution layer.

In addition to its excellent stress-resistant properties, Linotop Sport offers outstanding functional qualities due to it being an area-elastic sports flooring system. Linotop offers high shock absorption which on average measures 56% and it is spontaneously reactive even when it is exposed to minimal loading from above. Other advantages of Linotop include the fact that its substructure is less sensitive to humidity than other systems and due to its construction height of only 21 mm (including the sports linoleum top layer) it is ideal for installation refurbishment projects, as it can often be installed directly over the existing floor!

Construction of the Linotop system

Linotop System

Perfectly suitable for sports halls and multipurpose halls

  • High steadiness
  • Good safety functional properties
  • High resistance to wear and stress