Whether it is step-aerobics, Pilates, Tai-Bo or power training, the athlete must be able to concentrate on his or her activity without having to worry about a slippery floor. The floor must give grip and prevent slipping. DLW’s 4 mm material thickness can also withstand the impact of a heavy weight, such as a barbell, should it accidently fall to the floor.

In fitness and aerobic facilities, fashion and design plays an important role. Our floors continue to be practical and fashionable. From classic patterns to modern designs we offer you a choice of 22 colour options so that you can find the right colour co-ordinates for your scheme.

So that cleaning doesn’t become a ‘training session’ for the care-taker, you can select from a range of four colours available in our Linopro quality which come equipped with a PUR treatment facilitating quick and easy cleaning.
Another important issue for fitness and aerobic exercise is shock absorption. Training should not cause the body unnecessary stress and strain, so the flooring system needs to provide a cushioning effect, therefore reducing the stress and fatigue caused to joints and  muscles.  


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