Floorings for winners

DLW Sports is the world’s leading manufacturer of linoleum sports floors, due to our experience and uncompromising product quality. We are proud to be able to say ‘Made in Germany’. For more than 25 years we have been developing, manufacturing and supplying high class linoleum products for a wide variety of sporting applications.

Whether it is basketball, roller skating, gymnastics, recreational activities or festive events, our quality sports floors and flooring systems provide high performance solutions for both specific and multi-function use. They can be used in multipurpose halls, kindergartens, fitness centres and many other associated installations. They are cost effective and easy to maintain, making them popular with site owners/operators and caretakers alike.

We attach particular importance to ecological issues, especially in connection with our in-house processes. Our philosophy is to promote sustainability in everything we do. This is based upon our strong identification with linoleum, which is a natural product, having outstanding ecological properties.