Experience and Competence-The Key to Success

DLW Sport Systems are known for the quality of their indoor sports surfaces. This reputation has been earned over many years. Indeed the Company has a long and proud heritage dating back to 1882 when linoleum was first produced at the Delmenhorst manufacturing facility in Germany, being the invention of an Englishman, Frederick Walton. He also invented the name of this type of flooring, which is made from cork, resin, jute and linseed oil. The name linoleum is a combination of linum (Latin for flax) and oleum (Latin for oil).

Until 1892, most linoleum was manufactured in a colour called natural brown. Later colours such as olive green, terracotta and dark red were also manufactured. Before World War I,  floors with floral patterns, edgings and ornaments were made in England with the help of a printing process similar to silk screen printing. 

The World Wars caused production to fall and it did not recover until the late 1950’s with the introduction of new designs. Nevertheless linoleum was by now firmly established as a form of floor-covering, perhaps best illustrated by reference to it in the book “The Secret of the Buckled Shoes” by Agatha Christie who wrote, “There was a trail of blood on the linoleum”. 

In the 1970’s the popularity of linoleum diminished, having to compete with synthetic floorings which were inexpensive at the time. This changed however with the oil crisis which occurred in 1973, ending a period of low oil prices, which in turn increased the cost of products derived from this source. Since then linoleum and similarly the Deutsche Linoleum Werke (DLW), (which later merged into Armstrong DLW GmbH) has been going through a steady upward trend.

The experience gathered in the course of a century has led to the present ultra-modern production of linoleum floor-coverings and flooring systems designed for use into the indoor sports flooring sector. Today Armstrong DLW is the sole manufacturer of linoleum flooring based in Germany, and continues to give you that ‘Made in Germany’ quality assurance.