Mastering processes - Ensuring quality

What is quality? Shock absorption, resistance to indentation, deformation, ball bounce and slip resistance: the minimum requirements for the aforementioned properties and other factors as defined in DIN V 18032-2. Is this quality? We are convinced that everybody who talks about quality in relation to sports floor construction must go some steps further to achieve such a goal. True quality is only achieved when a sports floor meets all the requirements of the activities to be played upon it, adhering to the requisite performance and safety stipulations as well as being hard- wearing and durable.

Three points worth considering

The first point is advice: What purpose will the floor be used for? What sporting activities and stresses will it be subjected to? Which product or system will be most suited for its intended use? Our specialists are here to answer these questions and are only ever a phone call away! They are more than happy to give you information and advice.

The second is that all products have to be manufactured to the highest quality. At DLW this means that we often exceed the DIN requirements. For example, instead of a minimum thickness of 3.2 millimetres our products are made 4 millimetres thick. This is a 25 per cent increase over and above the minimum requirement. Differences may be even more significant (up to 70 per cent) when it comes to a comparison of the wear layer thicknesses.

The highest quality standards are obtained with the help of an elaborate quality management system, in addition to a voluntary quality assessment procedure by RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V. (German Institute for Quality Assessment and Certification).  We ensure that we constantly guarantee top quality products by undergoing official external assessments. Our success demonstrates such a commitment e.g. Our products successfully meet the rigorous requirements of the castor chair test (acc. to EN 425) without visible surface changes.

The third point is: a floor is only as good as its standard of installation. For this reason we are cooperating with qualified specialists to guarantee both the high standards demanded of our products and its installation.