Sustainability begins with the floor

Armstrong quite consciously accepts its responsibility with regard to sustainability and produces lasting high quality products. With DLW Sports linoleum the company produces an ecologically exemplary floor covering the environmental friendliness of which is underlined by various certificates. Armstrong uses all the raw materials necessary for production as well as water, air and energy economically and efficiently, minimises waste and emissions. Long life, durability and easy cleaning are important arguments in favour of DLW Sports linoleum in the usage phase.

Natural raw materials

The good ecological balance for DLW linoleum begins with the natural composition: It consists of 100 % organic and mineral raw materials of which more than 80% are regrowing. This makes linoleum especially kind on resources. No softeners, chlorine or heavy metals are used in the production; the manufacture is free from mineral oil. The recipe basically follows Frederick Walton’s original recipe with the main ingredients linseed oil, wood flour, limestone dust, jute and resin. DLW linoleum has an excellent CO2 balance, is not a health hazard thanks to its natural raw materials and even meets the strict requirements of the European Toys Standard.

Production of DLW Linoleum

Whilst the recipe has hardly changed, the production method has been continuously improved in the past. Armstrong is the only linoleum manufacturer still producing in Germany. The production sites are all state of the art in environmental technology, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. The DLW linoleum factory in Delmenhorst, especially, does even more for the environment than required by ISO 9001 and has received the EC-Eco-Audit award. Here an environment management system was installed which is subject to regular external inspections plus annual internal environmental audits.

Ecology labels certify sustainability

Ecology seals serve for orientation and have become a must for all manufacturers. DLW sports linoleum from Armstrong has received the Blue Angel award and the Austrian environmental certificate. DLW Linoleum was awarded the well-known SWAN Label by the Norwegian society for environmental certification as early as 1996, and in 1999 it was the very first product to receive TÜV's environmental label.