DLW Linoleum – “Made in Germany” for 127 years

Armstrong is the only company producing high quality linoleum in Germany under the traditional DLW brand name. The first linoleum factory was founded 127 years ago in Delmenhorst in North Germany. Linoleum floors have been manufactured on a high technical standard there since. Armstrong has also kept its management, sales and technical and customer service in Germany. Dedicated to tradition and quality, Armstrong will continue to rely on “Made in Germany” in future – with the aim of encouraging decision makers in planning and the building trade to support the use of DLW Sports Linoleum. This is the only way to ensure that the site will continue to operate economically in the future.

DLW Linoleum – Investment in the Future

But the decision in favour of a German manufacturer not only secures jobs locally. Short transport routes also considerably reduce environmental stress. Linoleum in itself is already an exemplary ecological product thanks to its mineral raw materials of which more than 80% are regrowing. This makes linoleum especially kind on resources. DLW linoleum has an excellent CO2 balance, is not a health hazard thanks to its natural raw materials and even meets the strict requirements of the European Toys Standard. It also carries the German “Blue Angel” environment award.