Floor Protection P

More and more, sports halls are required to function as exhibition halls or locations which are used for public or social events. As a result, they not only have to meet the requirements of athletes but in addition are expected to be used for very different purposes. Our sports linoleum is really multi-talented as it can be used for such purposes and because its 4 mm thick wear layer is extremely hard-wearing. Even burning cigarette ash will not damage the majority of our products.

Nevertheless, where there is an increased risk of mechanical damage or heavy soiling occurring, we recommend that the hall floor be protected thus protecting the top surface of the floor from potential damage, therefore extending its wear life. The floor will require less cleaning after such an event, reducing cleaning time and costs and increasing the likelihood that the hall will be ready for use the morning after an event held the previous evening. This is as important in a school as it is in a commercial establishment.

Floor Protection P is the ideal solution for such situations. Our hall floor protection cover consists of a high-quality needle punch floor covering coated with an anti-slip polyolefine backing. Floor Protection P comes in 2 x 1 m size tiles which can easily be laid and removed, as often as is required.

The individual tiles have further advantages. It is possible to cover only parts of the hall floor as required. They can easily stored away, requiring minimal storage space and can be replaced if necessary (if damaged), making Floor Protection P an easy and cost effective way to protect your sports floor.

Floor Protection P is also available in 3 attractive colours.