Some requirements in detail

What criteria should be considered when selecting a sports flooring?  This will include choosing the appropriate substructure and a product that meets the functional and safety requirements of those sports which are intended to be played upon it. A sports floor or flooring system has to satisfy a many different requirements. According to DIN V 18 032-2 the product should satisfy the following technical specifications.

Shock absorption

Reduction of the rebound force of the sports floor

DIN EN 14808

Vertical deformation

Vertical deformation under load

DIN EN 14809

Deformation mould

Size of mould formed under vertical load

DIN V 18032-2

Resistance to heavy moving loads

Resistance to rollers (e.g. mat trolleys)

DIN EN 14904

Impact absorption

Resistance to the impact of falling objects with punching effect

DIN EN 14904

Compressive set

Remaining indentation after point loads

DIN EN 14904

Ball bounce

Bounce height of a basketball

DIN EN 14904

Slip resistance

Properties of the floor that do not hinder the athlete’s movements but prevent uncontrolled slipping

DIN EN 14904