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Whether a sports hall, gym or multipurpose hall, we have a suitable sports floor for you, made from special sports linoleum. Why is it special? Simply because a proper sports floor system has to live up to its potential in terms of maximum support for any kind of movement of the user, whether general fitness activities, school sports or sport played at competition level.

Such a system must not only comply with the requirements of EN 14904 but in addition must be suitable for the intended purpose in every functional aspect of sport and safety. Please contact us; we are ready to give you the information and advice you need in order to get the linoleum sports floor to meet your needs.

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We will gladly advise you on the best use of the different systems and sports flooring. Make an appointment: [email protected]

Sports floor


Individual sports floor – Best performance

What technical requirements must a sports floor meet for roller skating? More



Special requirements met by complete systems

The sports floor systems offered by DLW Sports are able to meet practically all customer requirements. More



Sustainability begins with the floor

Armstrong quite consciously accepts its responsibility with regard to sustainability and produces lasting high quality products. More

Three reasons for DLW Sports


Made in Germany

Armstrong is the only company producing high quality linoleum in Germany under the traditional DLW brand name. The first linoleum factory was founded 127 years ago in Delmenhorst in North Germany. More


Healthy Linoleum

Recent testing of our sports floor coverings DLW Linodur Sport and DLW Linovation Sport has shown that they fully satisfy the criteria of the AgBB scheme. More


Camouflage Weld Rod 

The new Camouflage Weld Rod is almost invisible! Additionally to the existing monochrome weld rod Camouflage is available in all colours of Linodur Sport and Linopro Sport. Both weld rods are identically simple to install and offered to the same price. More


News NCS-System

NEW: NCS colour system

It's worth taking a look at our DLW Sports samples: You'll find extensive information on the NCS colour system and the corresponding NCS codes to match every colour sample.