Maintaining good function - Preserving values

Cleaning and maintenance play an important role for the surface of a sports floor, since it can only keep its functional/safety properties and provide optimum support to the athletes if it is cared for correctly.

So it is very important to choose the appropriate cleaning and maintenance products and observe their prescribed use along with the correct quantities of cleaning solution required in order to properly maintain and preserve the value of the sports floor.

Cleaning and maintenance is an important subject for us at DLW Sports Systems. We are constantly working alongside other leading manufacturers of cleaning/maintenance products and cleaning equipment manufacturers. Only by constant revision and improvement of our cleaning and maintenance procedures and applying the latest developments in technology can we make sure that our customers will be satisfied with ongoing use of our sports floors.

So please feel free to take advantage of this experience and ask for advice concerning such matters. Should you happen to use incorrect cleaning products or cleaning methods, we can advise you on how to restore your floor to its optimum appearance and performance qualities.