Gymnastics with the Blue Angel

Anyone who sets store by specially ecological products when selecting building materials will make the best possible choice by opting for Linogym II System.
The 4 mm thick sportlinoleum has been awarded by the environmental label "Blue Angel".The underlying 6mm thick elastic mat "Gymflex II" consists of polyurethane foam, rubber powder and binder.

The clearly noticeable cushioning effect of Linogym II System means that it is easy on joints and muscles, while Linogym II System's point elasticity significantly reduces the likelihood of injury, even with lightweight sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to its low-emission materials, Linogym II System is particularly suitable for exercise areas in nurseries. But Linogym II System is also an ideal solution in gyms and health clubs, where comfort is required through force reduction.

Construction of the complete Linogym II System

Linogym II System

Optimum conditions for sports physiology in nursery, gymnastics and aerobics

  • esay on joint
  • hygienic
  • hygienic