Environmentally friendly surface – Flexible and sensitive

Linopol System is ideal for gymnastic rooms in fitness centres or rehabilitation facilities and for multipurpose rooms in kindergartens where the function safety properties of a point-elastic flooring system are most important. The elasticity of the elastic mat and the wear resistance of the DLW Sports linoleum, with a thickness of 4 mm are perfectly adjusted to one another and thus cope with the stresses and strains of everyday use.

The Linopol System system, using DLW sport linoleum in conjunction with the special elastic mat enhances the performance of the sports floor. The elastic mat comes in a thickness of 6 mm. This ensures good cushioning should someone fall, for example in multipurpose rooms of kindergartens. For fitness areas too, it is of great advantage as it is kind to the joints of athletes. In addition, the sports linoleum has a bacteriostatic effect which improves the hygiene conditions in such areas.

Construction of the Linopol system

Linopol System

Optimum sports physiological conditions for gymnastics, aerobics and jazz dance
  • kind to the joints
  • hygienic
  • impact sound absorbing