Linowood System – High level sports with extraordinary performance

Linowood system is the ideal area-elastic sports floor system for all multipurpose halls where sports activities on highest levels are to be performed. The system fulfills all relevant norms and stands out for its high comfort and safety due to the force reduction of 67 %.

Its substructure is made of pre-manufactured elements of Multiplex plywood panels and strips of foam. All Linoleum floor coverings of DLW Sports collection with good functional properties for Sports can be chosen as a top covering.

The large modules of 2.50 m x 1.25 m are layed on a PE foil and then glued and screwed together. Overlapping joints of modules allow best force distribution. Large module size keeps installation time to a minimum.

Next to force reduction of 67 % and ball rebound of 96 % Linowood system fulfills the relevant sport norms EN 14904 and DIN 18032-2. In addition, with a total height of 33 mm (using 4.0 mm sports linoleum as a top covering) the system raises the floor only slightly and is therefore ideal for renovations.  

Construction of the Linowood System

Linowood System