System K – sporting activity on the highest level

System K is an area-elastic, extremely efficient sports floor system which is ideally suitable for all sports and multipurpose halls in which high level sporting activities are to take place.

Its substructure consisting completely of foam is very robust, resistant to puncturing and extremely efficient. All linoleum floor coverings of the DLW Sports collection with good functional properties for sports can be chosen as a top covering.

A transparent PE foil forms a separating layer between a load distribution sheet of birch chipboard to which the linoleum covering is stuck and the foam substructure. Thanks to a schematic composition of the load distribution sheet, System K can be laid quickly and easily on any building site.

In addition to a force reduction of 55 % and a ball reflection of 97 % the System K reaches all the required EN values. In addition, with a laying height of 34 mm (using 4.0 mm sports linoleum as a top covering) the system raises the floor only slightly and is therefore ideal for renovations.

Construction of the System K

System K