Sometimes the body needs help, for example after an accident or after a lengthy stay in hospital. Treatments such as Ergotherapy or physiotherapy help restore the body’s mobility and agility. 

Our sports linoleum is suited for use into such facilities for several reasons: its bacteriostatic quality assists the hygiene conditions when used in exercise rooms. This is especially important for exercises carried out when the patient is required to lie on the floor.

Moreover, our linoleum has just the right surface condition: not too sticky but not too slippery either. It supports the patient in his/her efforts to regain strength and power. In order to make sure that the muscles and joints can be trained and built up in safely, we not only recommend our point-elastic sports floor system Linopol, but also our area-elastic sports floor system Linotop, which gives the user additional elastic support delivered by the floors enhanced sub-construction.

The calming and attractive colours in our sports linoleum collection help to provide a therapeutic atmosphere so assisting the patient in making a speedy recovery.


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