Roller skating, sports on wheels

For sports like in-line hockey, roller skating, artistic cycling or castor chair sports the requirements a sports floor has to meet are of a special nature. On the one hand it has to cushion the athlete’s weight when he jumps or falls, on the other hand the floor has to maintain its performance requirements. DLW’s Linotop Sport is an ideal choice for such purposes as its area elastic construction meets such requirements.

The linoleum surface used as the top construction layer on such a system must also cope with the high stress exerted by sports played on rollers or wheels. The floor covering must be able to withstand high friction temperatures without suffering damage.

There is a higher risk of mechanical damage to the floor when compared to more conventional sports. The robust and impact resistance of DLW linoleum is due to its thickness of 4 mm which is of real benefit when being used for these kind of sporting activities.

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