Sports halls

In the morning the sports hall may used for school sports, in the evening for club activities and at weekends it might be used for tournaments or competitions. A sports hall has many demands placed upon it. 

The same applies to the sports floor which must be multi-talented. The varying requirements it has to meet with regard to school sports and various club activities are often wide and varied. Each sporting participant wants to use a floor which provides the best performance and safety criteria for his or her particular kind of sport, whether a ‘lightweight’ gymnast or ‘heavyweight’ boxer!

So the sub-construction of the floor is of great importance. It ensures that the impact of jumps and falls are absorbed. The top structure of the floor also plays a special role. We recommend the use of our sports linoleum structures as they meet the required sporting pre-requisites and provide a sports floor that can withstand the rigours of use expected by sporting participants and facility operators.


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