Wolke Boxing Camp bets on Linopol Sport

When Manfred Wolke, one of the most successful coaches in professional boxing, planned his new boxing camp in Frankfurt/Oder he had to consider which sports floor would be the best for his training facility.

Several factors play a role here: since every injury of a professional boxer can endanger his next fight, the floor has to be kind to joints and muscles. At the same time it must provide the necessary steadiness. The intensive training work done by these guys is a serious challenge for any sports floor.

Besides these physiological and safety properties it is very important that the floor has a hygienic and easy-care surface , as at this level the water loss of a boxer during training sessions is extreme.

Manfred Wolke found the ideal solution for his problems in Linopol Sport, a combination of a 6 mm thick elastic layer available in three different DLW linoleum ranges, Linodur Sport, Linopro Sport and Linovation Sport. This sports floor system is point-elastic, while at the same time providing the stability required for boxing activities.

The sports floor for the Wolke Boxing Camp was quickly found. We have supplied  Linopro Sport equipped with a special  PUR surface treatment. As a result Linopro Sport is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Manfred Wolke was immediately convinced that the product was a winner!

The benefit of this training facility in the new Wolke Boxing Camp, was soon demonstrated by Henry Maske in his impressive comeback fight on 31st March 2007 in the Olympia Hall in Munich.

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