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The No 1 sports floors: Lino products

The Lino products of DLW Sports Systems are being used in many different sports and multipurpose halls as well as fitness rooms or rehabilitation centres. In Germany alone people are training in over 9000 gymnasiums, sports or multipurpose halls on linoleum floors made in Delmenhorst. No other sports floor has been installed and used more widely.

Notwithstanding the advanced designs and latest production methods, Armstrong DLW attaches special importance to the traditional and environmentally friendly linoleum ingredients: linseed oil, resin, wood dust, cork, limestone dust and jute. The reason is simple: cork for example can be replaced with other substances, but the natural material is the right substance to foster the floor’s important property of elasticity. This is the reason why we have an in-house cork mill at Delmenhorst to create optimum production conditions.

One of the results of our efforts: according to EN 548 the compressive set of the floor after resilience must not exceed 0.2 mm and Linodur Sport for example shows 0.1 mm. This proves that after impacts or indentation our sports floor springs back extraordinarily well to its original form due to its particularly good resilience.

This type of sports linoleum is made from a special composition of raw materials and which benefit from a long maturing process. The finished rolls are stored for first for two/ three weeks in drying chambers where thermal treatment develops the required mechanical strength properties of the linoleum. The most important safety requirement for any sports floor is that it should provide sufficient grip. Insufficient grip can cause the athlete to slip; too much grip can lead to unacceptable stress on joints and ligaments. Our sports linoleum is perfectly adjusted to meet these requirements.

DLW manufactures its linoleum in one- layer which has the advantage over two-layer-linoleum floorings as it has a higher resistance to wear and does not have layers which might separate under high point stress. Its impact strength is greater and due to its thicker wear- layer the product will last many years. Another advantage, unlike synthetic flooring, is that plasticizers are not contained in linoleum in order to obtain the required elastic properties. These features impress not only sportspeople but also hall operators. Linoleum from Armstrong DLW AG excels due to its toughness, longevity and friendliness to the environment as well as its particularly hygienic and easy-care surface.

From an environmental view too, our sports floors are very impressive. DLW’s linoleum flooring products have been awarded the Blue Angel (Blauer Engel), the symbol for a product guaranteeing environmental friendliness.

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